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Devout TOurnament : A Battle for Weapons and GLory!

Burdock Games' first title is the party / fighting game Devout Tournament. Originally started as a submission for the GMTK 2019 game jam on Devout Tournament is currently being developed by our team in collaboration with Spacebar Arcade in Boise ID, for an arcade cabinet release with a PC available version coming soon.

The Gameplay

The core gameplay of Devout Tournament revolves around players fighting over the arena's one available weapon. Once a player has taken control of that weapon they go on the offensive while the opposing player must use skill and wit in order to wrestle it back from their attackers grasp and turn the tables once more. In Devout Tournament we're focusing on creating a style of gameplay that is mechanically simple with a diverse range of actions that create depth in player choices and rewards skills like timing, strategic movement, and bluffing.

the Story

Every two-hundred years in the land of Teobora the gods hold a grand tournament of their most devout followers. Acolytes come from far and wide to battle in each deity's arena and gain mastery over their divine weapons. In the end though, only one fighter may take the place of champion and only one god may reign over the pantheon until it is time for the next Devout Tournament!

About us : The Team

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Aaron Christensen

Game Designer / Artist

I'm an aspiring game designer from Boise ID, hoping to create fun and exciting projects as I hone my skills and grow into the field of game development. My drive is always to be a better communicator and asset to the teams I work with while bringing creativity and a sense for inovation to our games.

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Dean Cohen

Gameplay Developer / VFX Programmer

As an Idaho-born game developer, my goal is to create engaging, exciting, and unique experiences for both hard-core and novice gamers. I am currently working full time as a software developer in Boise, and I spend my nights and weekends creating emotionally-rich and competitive games, taking every opportunity to hone my craft.

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